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  • Adapted to you and your business
  • No matter the income level
  • No matter the healthcare specialty

Key Struggles Healthcare Entrepreneurs
Face at all Levels of Business

I have faced all the levels and can help you avoid the troubles

$700K +

  1. Growing a scaling their team
  2. Building and developing the next level leaders
  3. Maintaining and updating their systems
  4. Refining the Vision, Mission and Core Values and making sure the team understands them and can recite them on the spot
  5. Managing expenses and cash flow along with profitability
  6. Utilizing new technologies to make the business more efficient and effective
  7. Getting team members to own their roles and to “act like owners”
  8. Struggles to delegate effectively
  9. Owner begins to work more on the business vs. in the business
  10. Works to improve their sales process


  1. Lacks sufficient hiring systems – yet needs team members to get everything accomplished
  2. Does not have an accountability chart in place
  3. Struggles with working in the business and trying to find time to work on the business
  4. Revenue and sales are starting to grow but they are having trouble balancing everything
  5. Performs random acts of marketing – when the business slows down they do more marketing activities and then get too busy to keep it going, lacks systems and automations
  6. Learning to lead multiple team members and communicate effectively
  7. Does not have systems in place to onboard and train their new team members
  8. Lacks KPI’s, KRA’s and job score card
  9. Is not tracking their metrics, makes all decision emotionally vs. using the metrics

$0-$300K / Starting up

  1. Most of their time is spent working in the business and not on it
  2. Owners are doing everything
  3. Looking to hire their first team member or assistant
  4. Focus is on generating leads
  5. Lack of consistent revenue at this point
  6. Does not have systems in place
  7. Mission, Vision and Core Values either defined loosely or not defined at all